Project:- Re-creating the Palace of Versailles on Central Park East.

The doors and pannels in the photo (left) were shipped from France and were then re-fitted in an apartment just off 5th Avenue, New York City.

Much of the original "striee" painting or dragging paint finish had to be reproduced on new elements added during installation. Some research and experimentation was needed to find the exact technique for this particular effect, as well as careful color matching.

The overall esthetic was a rustic look surrounded by the aristocratic gilded trim much in line with paintings by Boucher and Fragonard.

Once the painting was done it was neccesary to replace some missing moldings which were cast in plaster then gilded, as well as gilding the top moldings which were all new, and repairing some of the worn gilding on the original elements.

Casting and gilding of missing moldings

Repair of original gilding

Gilding was done with 22Kt Manetti surface leaf using a water-based size

Project:- Finish-painting of penthouse apartment on West 19th St., NYC

This magnificent penthouse apartment was designed by Paul Ochs of Woho Beaux Arts Inc.An exacting level of finish was required to enhance the clarity of the design. Colors used were from the Donald Kaufman Color Collection.

Views from this apartment cover mid-town and include the Empire State Building (photo, right).

Project:- Front door and hallway

(Photo, left) The hallway in this Park Avenue building was used as a B/W photo display area. The client requested a high contrast sponge finish on the walls to complement the photos.

The apartment doors were also painted and the corresponding letter gilded onto each apartment door.

Project:- Custom shelving

(Photo, right) This floor to ceiling shelving unit also serves as a room divider. The open shelf at the top of the unit was designed specifically for the client's two cats.

Project:- Chair design

(Photo, left) Slung hemisphere chair and stool designed and built by Charles Foster-Hall

Detail of ceiling painting at 9 East 79th St. NYC

Charles Foster-Hall preparing drawings for a ceiling painting

charles foster-hall

custom decoration & interior painting


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Below are a few projects executed by Charles Foster-Hall

If you have ideas or a project that you would like to discuss or would just like a free estimate, please do no hesitate to contact Charles Foster-Hall.

Services include: Regular painting, wall preparation, priming and painting.

Decorative finishes, including sponging, ragging, dragging and glazing amongst others.

Gilding with metal leaf; gold, silver, composite or immitation gold on a variety of surfaces including plaster, wood and glass, (for those mirror finish numbers above the apartment building door)

Furniture construction and repair.

Mural and ceiling painting. To see examples of murals and ceiling paintings please click here which will take you to the main site of

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