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Charles Foster-Hall

all works © Charles Foster-Hall

A series of 4 ceiling paintings on Greek Mythological themes commissioned

for a private residence at 2006 Fifth Ave, New York,

Leda and the Swan,

Ceiling painting, 1.5m x 1.6m

2006, Fifth Ave, New York, 2003


Ceiling Painting, 1.7m x 4m, Tudor Place, New York, 2003


Ceiling painting, 2.7m x 3m, Children's room,

Christadora House, New York, 1999


Mural for the Grille 700 restaurant, 1m x 23m, Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel

Baltimore, Md. USA 2000


Commissioned by Bogdanow Partners Architects , New York


Image; courtesy of Bogdanow Partners Architects

Mural in situ, Grille 700 restaurant, Marriott Baltimore Waterfront Hotel.


Image; courtesy of Bogdanow Partners Architects

Interior of Grille 700 restaurant with mural above display kitchen.


New York Mural, The NyLon Room